Top tips for student life in Melbourne

Top tips for student life in Melbourne


Being a uni student can feel bittersweet. Bitter because, well, we all know studying can be challenging and stressful. Sweet, because it’s also about new experiences, making friends, learning fascinating new things and, of course, getting out there and being independent.

Amidst all the chaos, we all admit it’s not easy to remain sane and sorted all the time. We all have our ups and downs but one of the biggest challenges about STUDENT LIFE is, you have to keep going!

To make things a bit easier for y’all, here are some tips that can help you KEEP GOING!


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It is important to have a routine, especially when you have a hectic schedule planned across the semester. Unfortunately it can often fall apart after a few days of “YES I WILL finish all my assignments this week”. But at least we can try right? So start with that morning dose of caffeine and make your to-do-list. Make sure you include one healthy meal, a mini outdoor plan and some self-care/alone time every day. Small things can take you a long way when you are dealing with multiple assignments and group meetings in a week.


Go around your campus and you will have plenty of options to choose and learn from. Be it a cafe or a library spot, familiarise yourself with the place you spend most of your time in. This will not only make uni feel like home but also help you find your student community! By your second semester, it will start to feel like your second home while studying in Melbourne.



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From our rooftop at Bouverie Residence, you can see the city skyline and our favourite cafe, Humble Rays!

No matter which university or institution you are studying at, you want to make sure you get the most out of your time living in Melbourne. We’ve already listed our 5 reasons why Carlton is the best student suburb in Melbourne, but wherever you do choose to live, make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck!

For us at Rooms International, staying in our Melbourne student accommodation means an easy walk to public transport (your gateway to everything you need in Melbourne); soaking in that beautiful Melbournian vitamin D at one of the mesmerising parks at your doorstep (where the grass is always green); and a city at your fingertips buzzing with shopping, entertainment and worldwide food cuisine.

Some of our favourite spots include Carlton Gardens and wandering through the Melbourne Museum (the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere!), meeting up with friends at Melbourne Central for shopping, eating and more, or even catching brunch at our local Humble Rays cafe for some seriously instagrammable deliciousness!

So take a nice walk around and get to know the back lanes, hidden secrets and best study spaces in your neighbourhood. We guarantee this will help you save time, money and better enjoy your student life in Melbourne!

4. STUDENT OFFERS (because why not save that extra buck you got?)

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TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!! Trust us, student offers are very helpful and plenty of places offer them. You will end up missing them after you have graduated! So make the most of all the student vouchers you can receive.

By just presenting your student card or linking your student ID to mobile apps, you can enjoy student offers at restaurants, clothing stores, printing and electronic shops and the list of places goes on! Most of the universities and student clubs also offer discount vouchers to make things easier on your wallet. Students can also get concessions for their Myki card on public transport to make travelling so much more affordable!

Remember, as a student accommodation provider in Melbourne, we’re always here to help you.

So get in touch or apply for one of our residences today to make sure you make the most out of your student life in Melbourne!